Ash: Wow! What are all these random files doing on the page?
Misty: They're well...random assortments of junk for download for peeps.
Ash: Wa?
Brock: It's our way of thanking the visitors who visit this site. It's like our little gift to them. (Rubs head embarrassingly) Oh man, can't believe I just said that.
Misty: Hey, maybe if you talk more like that, Nurse Joy will notice you!
Brock: (blushing) Oh really? Where? WHERE?!
Ash: Misty...maybe you shouldn't distract him like (Mouth gets pulled by Misty) Mmmph!
Misty: I'm sorry Ash, what did you say? (Still pulls on his mouth) Anyway, feel free to download anything off of this page. However one thing we DO ask of you is to NOT POST THEM ON YOUR OWN SITE OR ANY OTHER SITE! Everything available for download was made by us and we'd hate it if someone took the credit when in fact it took us forever to make these files for download.
Brock: And what exactly ARE these files available for download?
Misty: Glad you asked Brock....roll cameras Pikachu!
Pikachu: (turns on camera) PIKA!

None of these files work at the moment. Why you ask? Because our freedrive server we were using decided to discontinue its service. At the moment we're trying to find a better service with direct linking to our files and not a lot of hassle but nothing fits our needs. If you'd like to suggest a FREE drive to check out or if you're willing to donate some download space e-mail me QUICK! LOL 0_0 In the meantime we apologize for the inconvenience so just hope and pray we'll get a freedrive soon or the downloads will be on hiatus for awhile.

The AAML Screensaver

Note: Its an exe. file so just follow the instructions it gives once you begin to install it. Save it under C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\Click here to download! (3 megs)
Disclaimer: This screen saver was made by Misty ( and was made especially for this site. It was not intended for profit. Do not take it and post it for download at your site. It took her a while to make it. Some of the pictures were made by people other than us. They were manga pics by ChibiNeptune8, A kiss pic by McWizardX, others by{look in the Episode Guide for the screen shots} and some more by The images that WERE made by us have the link on the image. Also there are no virus' on this screen saver! We do not hold ourselves responsible for any problems this might cause with your computer. Download at your own risk ^-^.

AAML Music Videos Disclaimer: This music video was made by Ash and Misty. Do not take it and post it for download at your site. We realize that "Sometimes" was not made by us but by Brittany Spears. "Sometimes" is a copyright  of Zomba Recording Corporation 1999, featured on Brittany's album: baby one more time. We are not trying to make profit; it was merely for the entertainment of our site. The file above for download is an MOV file, so make sure you have a player that can play Quicktime mov files. It's in zip format so to unzip it, please make sure you have Winzip for your computer. Following systems requirements are recommended for viewing the clip: Disclaimer: This music video was made by Ash. Do not take it and post it for download at your site. We realize that this song may not be the official Misty song from the Japanese version, but it sounds pretty darn close! Just check out the lyrics! (It's subtitled) Also this song doesn't not belong to us. It belongs to the people who made Revelation Lugia just as assurance we're not making profit off this. Also since together this file was really huge, I had to break it down into parts. Eventually I'm gonna make it a real player file in better quality than what my first trial was. @_@ To play this file, make sure you unzip all the parts and that you have the same system requirements that our "Sometimes" music video had. Disclaimer: This music video was made by Ash & Misty. Do not take it and post it for download at your site. We realize that this song does not belong to us, and that it belongs to OffSpring. We by no intends made it for profit, we actually made it out of the hatred of our web-site problems that we had. But it works doesn't it?  Anyways all copyright goes to the companies involved with Offspring. It's a real media file (RM) and can only be played on Real Media players. You can download one here.

Ash and Misty Sims! Disclaimer: Como luvs snu? Hi ok I made this! I as in me Misty. @_@ Anywayz so like yeah I made it but yall can't be like posting it for download on other sites and the usual stuff.  Eh Eh kentwa vosna? They look weird cuz... well... it was my first try! Tera ma oh ma lamma ega vieeeeeeeeeeeeeeena... boombada! Be sure to FOLLOW the instructions CAREFULLY cuz if you say something bout like the steps didn't work I won't listen @_@. Me talons! Ah... falanowest. Mesa very lazy z_z. Anywayz enjoy these... things.... snobofinay! Wanna preview? Here's what they look like! Oh yeah no take for your own web-site. FOR PLAY PURPOSES ONLY! -_-
AAML Video Files (Japanese Version ONLY) All of these files are avi files unless where specified. For those that say zipped, you need winzip to unzip them. Also these clips are segments from the Japanese version since we're not allowed really to post any English version stuff. Anyways the clips are copyright of Pokémon and all that but please don't direct link to these files or anything or take them and put them on your web-site. We captured the clips ourselves for you to download for your OWN enjoyment. Requirments to view these videos are the same as with the music videos.
AAML Songs
That's right! Songs from Japanese Pokémon CDs that we attain. All of these mp3s were created by us so don't take them and put them on your site! (That goes with the image scans) Along with the mp3s are scans of the cd that they come with. So check it out! We also will have our recommended downloads, meaning the songs we like the best. Trust us, some of the songs may not be worth hearing, but then again, that's a risk you're just gonna have to take! Just remember that Mp3s are only meant as samples of the songs. You are supposed to delete them after 24 hrs before legal action is taken place. Thought we'd make this reminder.

Please note: The mp3s are zipped, meaning you'll need winzip to unzip them. Also to play mp3s, for computer-impaired out there, you need to use an mp3 player such a winamp.

Pokémon Best Collection

Click on this image to get a bigger view of it. DO NOT TAKE!
Track Listings

Check out these CD track's images!

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